Rugby Club

High School Rugby at its best! Come experience the passion, comaraderie and tradition of Eagles Rugby with us!
!Practice is Underway
It is not too late to join! All are welcome.
The only requirement is that you are high school aged. No experience necessary
Practices are held Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 3:30

Practice Location: Choices Charter School
4225 Laurelwood Way
.Respect . Honor. Passion
Play every match with all that you have. 
Practice every day like you will play in the match.
Live every day to its fullest.

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  1. High School Students
    The Sacramento Eagles Rugby Club is a sports club for members of any school as long as you are in grades 9-12. Our players come from many schools including Rio Americano, El Camino, Mira Loma and home-schooled students. If you are in high school, you have met our only requirement!
  2. All Abilities Welcome
    Most of our players have never played or seen a game of rugby before coming out for the team. Our coaches and players are always welcoming and patient with new players!
  3. Ultimate Team Sport
    No matter your height, your size, your speed or your gender there is a position for you on a rugby team. A rugby team plays 15 people at a time. Every player has a different role, but each player is an important piece of a successful team. Every player has the opportunity to carry and pass the ball, make tackles and form rucks. Eventually you will score and you will get to "shoot the boot" surrounded by your chanting teammates. Rugby teammates are often friends for life!
  4. Character
    Rugby is a sport that develops and shines a light on an individual's character. It shows that the collective is better than the individual but each individual is what makes the collective strong. Our team is built on playing with respect and integrity that the players will carry forward with them throughout their life.
  1. Help an Eagle Out
    Check our Donate Page to see how you can help fund the operations of these wonderful club for High School students!